Islamic Finance Compliant Non-Bank Payment Platform

MenaPay revolutionary approach replaces cash and traditional banking tools used for online and offline transactions in daily life.

MenaPay complies with the rules of Islamic Finance. MenaPay is interest-free and independent from banks, end users can top-up their digital wallet even though they do not have any bank account or credit card.

Thanks to the blockchain technology, transactions are witnessed by audit companies.

MenaPay Solutions

MenaPay brings easy to use solutions such as desktop and mobile wallets, integration APIs and SDKs, reporting and management dashboard for the merchants with Arabic user interface. Individuals can install the Mobile Payment app to their IOS or Android devices in order to make online or offline payments.

MenaPay Features


USD backed a single currency to be used for cross border transactions. MenaCash is a stable currency, doesn’t fluctuate and always equal to 1 USD.

Reseller Network

MenaPay is working with a large reseller network where users can digitize their cash. You can see these top-up points on the map of MenaPay mobile application.

QR Code Scan

Making online and offline payments with MenaPay is as easy as scanning a QR Code. This will simplify the payment process for both sellers and buyers.