How It Works

MenaPay Platform is used in diverse places such as; restaurants, coffee shops, shopping malls, gas stations, vending machines, online platforms and more!

MenaPay allows users to transfer cryptocurrency for their daily needs securely. With the MenaPay application, you can send, spend, and manage your cryptocurrency from your own digital wallet.

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Complete your Payments in 2 Basic Steps

With MenaPay, you can easily register and make payments by using the QR code, phone number and E-mail.

Fast and Secure

In order to make your online and offline shopping experience much faster and safer, you can use the MenaPay Mobile Application. You can buy MenaCash from Resellers or via Wire Transfer and more options to make payment in online or in-store shopping and transfer MenaCash with faster and safer way.

Use MenaPay to sending MenaCash

Send MenaCash to your friends and family by simply using a QR code, Email, Phone number or username.

Enter the amount of Menacash you would like to send and confirm the transfer. It takes only around 5-7 seconds for the transaction to be completed.

Use MenaPay to Receiving MenaCash

Click on ""Request MenaCash" and get your QR scanned or share your transfer link.

Once sender confirms the transfer, in a couple of seconds you will receive MenaCash.

Find the nearest location to use MenaPay

On your mobile application, we have created the maps section to help you find the nearest Reseller and Merchant points.

By choosing the Merchants list, you can also classify the online or in-stores as well. Get your direction support to reach any MenaPay points.

Start Using MenaPay

You can start using MenaPay as soon as you download the mobile application to your smartphone. You can top-up your digital wallet either with cash via one of our resellers or online methods listed on Buy MenaCash screen.

Profile Verification

If your transaction volume exceeds 100 MenaCash in total, you will need to verify your profile. It’s a three-step process where you will be asked for your contact details, ID photo, a selfie video.

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