MenaPay Top-up points

Any local shop, such as internet cafe or exchange office, can be a MenaPay reseller. This will be a brand new income channel for local shops on top of their existing business models.

Benefits of becoming MenaPay Reseller

  • Acquire a new and large customer base in addition to your existing revenue streams.
  • There can be only one MenaPay Reseller in the same district, be the one!
  • Be the top-up point to help unbanked population access MenaCash easily.

Apply now to be MenaCash top-up point in order to gain additional revenue!


No Setup Fee

Start selling MenaCash
with zero cost

Additional Revenue

Extra income on top of
your existing business

No Fluctuation Risk

Set your own exchange

Advanced MenaPay Reseller Dashboard

Decide your own Service fee

Set your own service fee through The Reseller Dashboard.

Customize exchange rate

On Reseller dashboard you can specify the exchange rate that you are willing to sell MenaCash with.

Sales Reports

You can generate detailed reports where you can monitor your sales performance.

Operating Name:
Building: A5, Office: 125
Business Park
Dubai World Central
Dubai - UAE
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