MenaPay Merchants

Open a merchant account today in order to monetize 440 Million people in the Middle East and North Africa. Researches show that around 84% of this population is unbanked. You can install MenaPay business app to your smartphone in order to track your sales easily.

Benefits of becoming MenaPay Merchant

  • MenaPay provides an alternative payment solution for acquiring & monetizing the unbanked population to Merchants in the Middle East & Africa
  • MenaPay greatly simplifies payments for merchants while making them more secure

Online businesses can quickly integrate MenaPay to their website and start accepting payments with an easy and simple integration process


No Setup Fee

Start selling MenaCash
with zero cost

Additional Revenue

Extra income on top of
your existing business

No Fluctuation Risk

Set your own exchange

Advanced MenaPay Merchant Dashboard

Easy integration

With MenaPay API & SDK library you can integrate with MenaPay within few hours.

Profile verification

Merchants can easily register to Business Dashboard and verify their profile.

Sales Reports

You can generate detailed reports where you can monitor your sales performance.

Operating Name:
Building: A5, Office: 125
Business Park
Dubai World Central
Dubai - UAE
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