MenaPay SuperApp

MenaPay is the first blockchain-based SuperApp that offers financial, entertainment and daily life solutions, and brings multiple needs together in one app.

You can transfer money 24/7 and make payments just in seconds. You can also buy/sell cryptocurrencies, store/manage ERC-20 tokens such as MPAY and USDT in crypto wallets, stake your cryptocurrencies, purchase e-pins, donate on Twitch with one-click.

Our Services

Money Transfer and Payment

Money transfers can be made 24/7 via QR code, phone number, and username by using MenaCash that is always equal to 1 USD. You can make in-store and online payments without giving any personal information via QR code payment feature in MenaPay SuperApp.


Game Codes, Google Play Gifts Cards, Apple Store Gift Cards, and many other digital items can be purchased on MenaPay SuperApp. All purchases on the app can be made using MenaCash.

Menapay Mobile Application Menapay Mobile Application
Buy/Sell Cryptocurrencies and Staking

You can buy/sell cryptocurrencies in MenaPay SuperApp. Also, with the ‘staking’ option, users can earn money by holding their funds in ‘staking’ account for a while.

Social Media

By selecting the ‘Social’ button on the MenaPay home page users can join our Telegram Channel. Also, by connecting their Twitch account to the MenaPay app, users can make donations easily using QR code or username.

How does MenaPay works?

Peer-to-peer and peer-to-merchant money transfers are made by using QR code, phone number, email address, or username within seconds using MenaPay SuperApp.

In addition to money transfers and mobile payment features, you can buy game keys; buy/sell cryptocurrencies and put your funds into 'staking' account; by connecting your Twitch account to MenaPay app, donations can be collected or sent using the QR code on Twitch. Moreover, thanks to the USDT wallet on MenaPay SuperApp, you can easily buy/sell USDT or transfer to another cryptocurrency exchange and convert your MenaCash to other real currencies, and also you can send your USDT to your wallet in MenaPay and buy MenaCash.

How MenaPay Works?

Personal App

More Info:

     MenaPay personal app is a SuperApp that enables users to transfer money whenever they want in just seconds and make different entertainment solutions available to its users. With MenaPay you can transfer money 24/7 and you can easily take advantage of features such as buy/sell cryptocurrency, staking, game keys, and Twitch.

Business App


Take payments easily and securely with MenaPay. Also, join MenaPay's reseller network to have your customers digitize their cash and buy MenaCash from you.

Payment Processing

Traditional payment workflow requires too many intermediaries. MenaPay connects you with merchants directly for frictionless and trustworthy transactions.

Payment Processing
Menapay Crypto Cash
Menapay Crypto Cash
Payment Processing
Payment Processing

MenaPay connects you with merchants directly for frictionless and trustworthy transactions.

Payment Processing


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